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Discount Card Fundraisers

Looking for fundraising discount cards? Want to do a scratch card fundraiser? We are here to help. The quickest and easiest way to get information is to fill out our free information request form. Of course, you are welcome to browse through the various categories of discount card fundraiser programs as well.

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How much can you raise just by Scratching?

The arrival of a new season brings with it many activities, including events, trips and registration, which require extra funding and fast! Why not try a different type of fundraiser to help your group raise the funds you need?

How about a personalized Scratchcard fundraiser?

Why Scratchcards? First of all, it’s easy: all cards can be personalized for your own group and there is no money up front. On top of this, hardly any other fundraiser product can beat the profit potential on Scratchcards - up to 90% profit! Not to mention the fact that they are compact, there are no orders to take and they are nonperishable.

How does it work? Scratchcards are based on the fundraising principle of giving a small donation without having to make an overpriced purchase.

What is it? A Scratchcard is a small tri-fold booklet that contains 60 colored “scratch-off” circles. Supporters are invited to “scratch-off” one or more circles on the card to reveal how much they will donate. Since the highest donation amount is only $2.50, Scratchcards make it easy to ask people to donate to your cause. Every person who donates gets a coupon sheet with over $75 worth in savings at top retailers as a "Thank You" gift. And to top it all off, this may seem unreal, but each Scratchcard can raise up to $100!

How can you make this work for your group? Well, here’s an idea that you can try at your next registration to decrease the costs for your players. Let’s say you usually charge $50 per person per season, charge them a little more and give them a Scratchcard.

Registration Cost $50     increase to $100
Registration Cost $ 70     increase to $120
Registration Cost $ 100     increase to $150

You will immediately make an additional $50 per person. In turn, your team members can use the Scratchcards to raise $100. So basically, if their registration cost were $100, after raising funds with the Scratchcard it would only cost them $20. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

The details of each card vary from company to company, so be sure to ask about the following costs associated with the Scratchcard:

- Cost of cards
- Cost of coupons
- Cost of personalization
- Cost of shipping

So, how much can you raise just by Scratching? Well, if you give each person in your group one card, then simply multiply the number of people in your group by around $100 and you have your answer. For example, a group of 50 people X $100 per card = $5,000 profit!

About eFundraising

eFundraising offers proven fundraising programs at up to 90% profit. Available programs include World's Finest Chocolate, Online Magazine Fundraisers, Scratchcards, Brochures and more. eFundraising / QSP Reader's Digest has helped groups raise almost $3 billion since 1964. To help you discover the best fundraiser for your group, call 1-800-561-8388 for your FREE info kit and gift and an experienced fundraising consultant will be more than happy to help you. Visit


Discount Card Fundraisers
One of the best fundraising ideas we’ve come across, is the discount card fundraiser. Discount Card Fundraisers are an incredible way for your group to offer a very valuable and easy way for your friends, family and supporters to save money.

Tips for Scratch Card Fundraisers
Scratch card fundraising is a great fundraising option for your group this spring. Besides being easy, quick to start and hassle free, scratch card fundraising offers your supporters an affordable way to donate to your group. Scratch card fundraisers also offer HUGE amounts of profit for your group.